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The power of mobile is expanding exponentially and these devices are now capable of supporting rich multimedia which opens up a doorway for your applications to provide even more information into the hands of their mobile partners, customers and employees. Saudi Infocon creates the web pages and applications to take advantage of these technologies and of the latest integrated marketing strategies. Saudi Infocon work is based on a client interface framework built specifically for each smart phone operating system.
Saudi Infocon work is based on a client interface framework built specifically for each smart phone operating system.
    Saudi Infocon has developed applications for:
  • IPad/iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Android
Mobile Marketing technology is capable of delivering mobile ads, coupons and can support other marketing campaigns and strategies
Mobile E-Commerce
There's no question that mobile web use is on the rise. Innovative providers look to Saudi Infocon to deliver the latest in Mobile e-commerce using our Shark-ability development toolbox enabling them to interact with their customer's mobile devices to drive significant revenues.
Mobile Interactive
Extending your solutions using mobile is key in communicating with our next generation of customers, employees and partners. Our proprietary technology supports one and two-way SMS, which can be integrated with existing or new solutions, both premise and cloud based.

SMS is an effective way to interact with various important demographic groups that adopted SMS as the way to communicate on the go.
Mobile Business Intelligence
Saudi Infocon works in business intelligence, we can create dashboards, timely and relevant KPI's for effective decision making. Our customer and their users are asking us to go beyond the dashboards and KPI's! They are asking for Mobile BI!

We work with you to define and set-up rules and exception based management parameters that are required for your business. The application performs to the specified rules and exception management, and when the application identifies a reportable event, it is automatically sent by text message to the users' mobile phone. The text message can also include the application and database generated actions to best resolve the event.

You have timely intelligence and actions automatically sent to the users' mobile phone.
Blackberry's biggest strength is its rock solid email integration. It Supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services as well as a multi-touch interfaces.

We create diverse, feature-rich apps for BlackBerry Smartphone. Whether you want to push data, use streaming media, GPS navigation or extend enterprise services, we can develop the right application for you on the BlackBerry platform.

Mobile Web Applications can be developed using standard web technologies over the Blackberry WebWorks platform. BlackBerry® WebWorks™ Plug-in offers the flexibility to develop on Eclipse® or Microsoft® Visual Studio®, or the tool of your choice. BlackBerry® Java® SDK v6.0 also provides pre-built UI elements, Wi-Fi® geolocation and travel time APIs to applications. Our blackberry team consists of highly experienced and skilled BlackBerry professionals. We develop Blackberry applications that can connect and collaborate with enterprise business applications.
iPhone and iPad
Across industries and professions, iPhone is transforming the way companies do business. Power, flexibility, and intuitive user experience were always iPhone's strength. Now with new features like multitasking, improved mail, and enhanced security, iPhone is increasingly a good choice for business applications.

Security enhancements in iOS keep email and attachments securely stored. The new iOS 4 Data Protection APIs safeguards business-critical information even if a device is compromised. Secure access to email, calendar, and contacts is provided via Exchange ActiveSync or open standards like IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV. IPSec and SSL VPN and WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi offer connectivity to private corporate network.

The iOS SDK is a robust development environment for creating customized, secure, and stable enterprise mobile applications.

Our experience with the device helps us to strike the right balance between client's ideas, iPhone platform standards, user experience and expectations.
Android is based on Linux version 2.6, and the core framework APIs are available to the applications. The C/C++ libraries of the core Android system are exposed through the Android application framework. Device hardware, location information, background services, alarms, notification mechanisms, and much more are available to the applications.

Android comes with one of the best browsers on the mobile market and the Inclusion of a JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler offers astonishing speed and performance.

Android offers a development platform to build extremely rich and innovative applications. Application programming is primarily done in Java and the Android specific Java SDK. Performance critical code is written in C, C++ or other native code languages using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). We have expertise in Android Software Development to build best in class Android Apps
Symbian is the world's most popular Smartphone platform. It is a real time, multi-tasking OS architected to run well on resource-constrained systems. It offers excellent performance and battery life while keeping the memory usage to the minimum. The platform is fully open source, offered under the Eclipse Public License.

It is implemented in a diverse range of devices and provides a consistent set of technologies across devices. The flexibility of Symbian means that it runs on classic mobile devices, utilising a standard keypad and QVGA screen, through to high-end smartphones that offer touch screens with tactile feedback, full keyboards, and device sensors. Symbian OS supports the majority of multimedia standards. It offers improved sound support and provides control over image resolution and colour depth.

Qt using the Nokia Qt SDK is our preferred approach to Symbian Application Development. The other option is Symbian C++ (using native Symbian and Nokia S60 on Symbian OS APIs), a set of open C and C++ APIs, the Java™ language (using MIDP 2.1 with an extensive range of additional JSRs), Web Runtime, and Adobe Flash Lite. It provides comprehensive support for audio, image, and video formats. In addition, Adobe Flash Lite and SVGT can be used for animated content, while the S60 Browser supports standard desktop web technologies. We deliver software solutions that have easy navigation, user-friendly interfaces and are usable for multiple user groups
Windows Mobile
Windows Mobile works well with most existing infrastructure, and provides a platform for compelling applications. The integrated Office Hub offers an intuitive and familiar user experience. Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in facilitates development of rich browser based applications.

We create custom Windows Mobile applications for enterprise, retail, industrial and consumer sectors. Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we have a team with extensive experience of developing applications for Windows Mobile platform.

Saudi Infocon work closely with our clients to define original concepts, create detailed requirements and deliver quality software products for internal use or commercial distribution by utilizing our long-term experience in Windows Mobile development.
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